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Tags: M-12 , ZF , 102 , ZF 102
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  • Model: M-12-ZF-102
Ürün KoduKabin Hızı (m/s)Kapasite (kg)Gücü(kW) Askı TipiAkım (A)Kasnak Çapı (Ø)Halat Sayısı (N)Halat Çapı (Ø)Statik Yük (kg)Seyir Mesafesi (M)
ZF 1021,007205,507,481:113,5500510450051
ZF 1021,605005,507,481:113,5500510450051
ZF 1022,004005,507,481:113,5620410450051
ZF 1021,0010007,5010,201:117,5500610450051
ZF 1021,208007,5010,201:117,5620610450051
ZF 1021,606807,5010,201:117,5500510450051
ZF 1022,005507,5010,201:117,5620510450051
ZF 1023,203207,5010,201:117,5620410450051
ZF 1021,0011259,0012,241:121500610450051
ZF 1021,608009,0012,241:121500510450051
ZF 1022,00

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