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3X Dotmatrix

The Arkel 3X Dotmatrix allows you to control the volume of the button, program/update via CANbus, and adjust the volume for the gong with the trimpot labeled Volume on the cassette cards.

Dimensions (mm)
75x131x17 (60x115x17)


Visible Area (mm) Length × Width
46x30 (2 digits 30 mm display) / 46x30 (2 digits 30 mm display)


Weight (gr)


Operating Temperature
0-60 ˚C


Operating Voltage
24VDC (18-30VDC) (from the X-CB1 and X-CB2 sockets)


Gong Output (X-SPE)


Call Button Entry
2 Units


Programmable input-output socket Gong output
2 Units

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